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Retreat Botanicals

4" Philodendron Melanochrysum


This Philodendron is not to be confused with Philodendron gigas. For although it is similar to gigas, melanchrysum has its own unparalleled beauty. Its leaves are a wonderful combination of olive and bronze, and have a definite glimmer to them. This plant loves to climb, too, and this makes for larger sized leaves, which are oh-so-lovely! This is an essential plant for any serious rare plant collector!

This featured plant is sitting pretty in its 4 “ grow pot, and will be the exact one received.

What it wants:

This Philodendron will thrive in bright, filtered light. It especially dislikes its soil drying out, so water this beauty when the top inch or two has dried out. As with most aroids, it loves a warm and humid environment. Use a well draining soil mix that retains even moisture. A coconut coir based potting blend would be a great choice!

4" Philodendron Melanochrysum