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Retreat Botanicals

3" Philodendron Painted Lady


This is perhaps the most vibrant of all Philodendron, with its bright neon colored leaves. As the leaves mature they become more green. In the tropics "Painted Lady" is known to climb up trees and grow very large. Although a little delicate, this plant will thrive if given the right environment.

The "Painted Lady" in the spotlight here is in a 3 inch grow pot, all ready for you!

What it wants:

Put this Philodendron in a warm and well lit space with no direct sun. As with most Philodendrons, "Painted Lady" will still do well in medium light conditions. Water when the top 2⁄3 of the soil has dried out, as overwatering is the number one killer of this beauty!

3" Philodendron Painted Lady